How to Donate

We are currently working on setting up a Paypal account or GoFundMe account. If you have any other suggestions for how we should set up donations, please let us know. However, if you want to donate now, please email us. Any donated amount is helpful & appreciated. Thank You!


Funtastic Kids Activities

As parents enjoy shopping at our various vendors, their kids can enjoy these various activities at our kids' center, complete with a bench and an umbrella to protect them from the summer sun. Kids can also read from our wide selection of kid-friendly books which are also for sale. Have any suggestions for other kids activities? Please, let us know!

Storybook Readings

Coloring Books

Bean Toss & Bubbles

Arts & Crafts

Educational Opportunities


Green Initiatives

Our Farmers Market understands the importance of protecting and nourishing the environment especially as climate change continues to impact various ecosystems around the world. A part of our goal is to educate and encourage our West Point & Highland Falls community to go green by promoting small steps that anyone can take. Small changes add up to make a big difference. Support our Farmers Market & the Planet!

Plant Swap Event

Join us on Sunday Sept. 22nd and bring your indoor or outdoor plants to swap your plant with someone else. This is great way for experienced & amateur gardeners to meet and share a passion for growing.



Help your community reduce plastic and metal waste by bringing your bottles & cans to our Farmers Market. This will also help raise funds for our local non-profit community center: The Center of Highland Falls.



Reduce food waste by bringing your collection of vegetable scraps or other (non-meat, non-dairy) to our Farmers Market where we will add it to the compost pile at the Community Garden at Holy Innocents Church to help their plants grow.


Gardeners Event

Join us on Sunday Sept. 22nd to learn how to create & maintain your own garden from the expertise of Master Gardeners who have been a part of the Cornell Cooperative Extension Program. 

Reuseable Bags

Have a collection of reusable bags that you don't need? Bring them to the Farmers Market to donate them to those in need as we all get ready for the statewide plastic bag ban. Our Market Tote Bags will also be on sale.

Share Your Ideas

Do you have any other ideas for how our Farmers Market & community can go green? Do you know a particular area that needs cleanup? Please share your ideas with us!



Community Cookbook

Our Farmers Market enjoys providing people with fresh produce and more. We also enjoy connecting the community by sharing each other's recipes. Enjoy recipes from local vendors, townspeople and more. Want to add to the Community Cookbook? Contact us to share your favorite recipes!

Onion Pie

Ann Hess, Annie's Pretty Prints


  • 2 tbsp flour

  • 8-9 sliced onions

  • 2 tbsp sweet butter

  • 1 tsp salt

  • dash of pepper

  • 1 cup heavy cream

  • 2 slices bacon 



  1. Preheat oven at 350° F

  2. Sprinkle flour in 8'' pie plate

  3. Line with pie crust 

  4. Cover with sliced onions

  5. Dot with butter

  6. Pour cream

  7. Add crumbled bacon bits

  8. Bake for 45 minutes at 350° F


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